About Us

Wholesale Perch from Turkey

Mimaris A.Ş. has made perch farming in Milas which is a town in Muğla since 2018. We are one of the pioneers in our country about which perch farming, perch wholesale and perch export.


We protect our high standard and we always care about client’s need and health for years while we are exporting perch fish. We work with well qualified staff who has a lot of experience. We train our staff with seminars, courses and well qualified staff’s who is spend more time in our firm, regularly.


Our firm adopt a principle as the perches must be healthy and must be raised in their natural sea water which is taken 3 km away from the farm until they become 24 months years old. After being 24 years old the perches must be exported to other countries as fresh and healthy as possible.


24 months years old perch fish have delivered in foam cases for the latest 2 days. So, one can always offer perch fish from our company that is in Turkey and we deliver the fish totally fresh to any country.