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We Make Fish Farming To Raise Really Good And Healthy Perch Fish, in The City Mugla İn Turkey

While we are raising our fish, we use salty sea water to make our fish pretty healthy. You maybe heard that many doctors offer omega 3 for your brain health. This fat comes from fish which have underskin is really fatty. The more you make your fish farming in sea water, the more your fish gain this fat. Therefore, sea water makes the fish more fatty.

We Raise Perch Fish That is Really Fatty And Rich in Antioxidants And Omega 3

We make perch farming and when we are raising them we care about how to feed them. We also care about the fish’s health condition. On the other hand, we care about the heat of the sea water to make fish more comfortable. The water must be really cold. Because the more heat of the water is cold the more fish gain fat. That happens owing to the fish’s body gain plenty of fat so that the heat of the body must be stable. This a really natural process of the fish body. This process makes the fish more healthy to eat as the fish have more omega 3 than other fish which is not raised in salty sea water.

We Are Pioneer About Perch Fish Export

Perch fish has plenty of benefit for body health. Therefore, we want everyone suppose to take advantage of the fish fat which is called omega 3. That’s why we export the perch to other countries and we send the fish to our other cities in Turkey. We do that by using foam cases that can carry 10 kilos of perch. We export these cases to any country that want to fresh perch

We Are Environmentally Friendly

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We use natural ways to get rid of the waste of the perch fish. We care about natural life and we take precaution to deal with the wastes. We never dumped our wastes as we know about how pollutants could damage the earth.

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